Assent have a long association with Zenith Hygiene Group, providing a full suite of Health & Safety, Quality, Environmental and Energy Management services. There have been many changes over the years as the company has acquired other businesses in to it’s group and opened new distribution sites.

  • 12 Locations.

  • Office, Factory, Warehouse.

  • Over 50 Record Types Reviewed.

  • Digital Capture.

  • Automatic Reminders.

  • Backed by Service Desk.

Health & Safety

Zenith Hygiene operate distribution depots across the country, including Northern Ireland, which present the usual Warehouse Safety Risks including manual handling, lifting operations, vehicle movements and Chemical Handling (COSHH).

There are also manufacturing sites mixing chemicals to produce learning and hygiene products, which brings additional risks.

We’ve operated an annual health & safety audit programme since 2012, visiting each site to assess against a bespoke Health & Safety Audit for Zenith. This takes in to account housekeeping, legal requirements and other risks.

The data from audit reports are presented back to management and analysed on an annual basis to evaluate performance across the group and depot-by-depot.

Quality Management ISO 9001

Zenith are committed to the quality of their products and services. In 2016 Assent provided assistance to prepare the existing QMS for the transition to ISO 9001:2015, introducing the new risk-based thinking in to quality processes.

Energy Saving Opportunities

With the requirement for companies with over 250 employees to report they energy use under the ESOS Regulations (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme), our energy assessors visited Zenith sites in 2015 and helped the company submit it’s energy report to be one of a limited number of compliant organisations in the UK.


Our work with Zenith Hygiene Group PLC shows how expertise across our consultancy team can be used to efficiently manage different disciplines, by taking a collaborative approach.

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