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Are you looking to step-back or exit your consultancy business?  We can help! 

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We have a solution!

Selling a consultancy business can be difficult!  
Clients may not have strong contracts that can be sold, or their continued business is dependent on the relationship with the business owner – who is leaving. 

This presents risks to a buyer that can deflate the true value of your consultancy business.   

We are ISO Consultants Ourselves! 

Assent Risk Management is an established ISO Consultancy firm who know the industry well and we are looking to grow our business with partners who are looking to retire or exit their consultancies. 

The Benefits: 

  • Entrust your valued clients to industry experts 
  • Step back from the day-to-day operations of the business and begin your retirement 
  • Retain a role on our group advisory board (optional) 

Our Acquisition Model 

Recognising the risk on both sides, we have developed a model of acquisition that allows you to take more time for yourself from day one and realise more value from your consultancy over time. 

Research & Due Diligence 

We’ll do the usual due diligence checks to make sure we understand the complexity of your consultancy book.

There will also be an opportunity to get to know each other and our respective teams to make sure it’s the right fit.


If all parties agree to proceed, next we will agree a commission percentage paid to you monthly. 

Alignment & Added Value for Customers 

We will then begin a 6-week process of aligning your operational controls (Sales, HR, Fin, IT) to our group functions. 

We will also look for ways to offer your clients added value from our group, at no initial extra cost to them.

Ongoing Input 

As a group member you will be entitled to a seat on our advisory board, sharing your experiences and helping to improve the industry. 

However, this is optional, and your revenue will not be affected if you decide to step-back completely and enjoy a well-deserved rest. 


How long will I receive commission payments for? 

We will happily honour commission payments on a long-term basis to be agreed. 

Will I benefit from other services my clients take up? 

YES! If your clients take up other services we offer, that will be included in the commission payments. 

Will you keep my brand name, website and other branding? 

This depends.  We will take a risk-based approach considering the value of your brand and customer loyalty.  We will also consider your preferences. 

Would you buy my ISO Consultancy for a lump-sum instead? 

NO. Unfortunately, the risks of buying a consultancy business are too high, and the mitigating factors we would require, such as certain contractual clauses with your clients, may not be practical. 

However, through our generous commission scheme you are likely to receive a better income in the long term. 

What if my clients go somewhere else? 

We really hope that with your support clients will choose to stay with us. However, we would release them from any contract, if they go elsewhere. 

Commission calculations are based on the fees charged to the client, which would obviously stop. 

Can I sell you part of my client list? 

We are willing to discuss this as an option, however it would be subject to a non-compete agreement. 

Can I sell some of my clients to someone else? 

We are willing to discuss this as an option, however it would be subject to a non-compete agreement. 

What can I input to the Advisory Board? 

We recognise that your industry experience, views and contacts can help us build a sustainable business.  

Our advisory board currently meets remotely every quarter. 

Can I start another business? 

Yes subject to a non-compete clause within the consultancy industry. 

Entrust your clients to a Consultancy that cares.

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