ISO 14067 Consultants

This international standard provides the requirements and guidelines to quantify the carbon footprint of products.

Our ISO 14067 consultants can help you implement the standard and report on the carbon footprint of your product.


The standard sets out key principles which should be  built into your carbon footprint programme.

Our consultants can provide training and awareness on these, and the whole programmes.

Methodology for Quantifying Carbon Footprint

The standard provides a detailed methodology framework that organisations can use to quantify the carbon footprint of their products, including the scope of the study, collecting data and the impact assessment of carbon factors.

Life Cycle Assessment

ISO 14067 takes a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach to quantifying the carbon footprint of a product and builds on standards such as ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

This means all phases of a product are analysed including raw materials, packaging, transport, sales, and disposal (or recycling).

Carbon Footprint Report

The output of ISO 14067 is a carbon footprint report for your product which enables you to identify areas for improvement within the life cycle of your product and ultimately reduce your carbon impact.

The report can be shared with buyers or publicly as part of your social responsibility programme, or used internally as part of your carbon management programme.

Start Your Carbon Footprint Assessment

Other Standards

ISO 14064

Measure the Carbon Footprint of your organisation using recognised conversion factors.

PAS 2060

Make verified  Carbon Neutrality declarations about your organisation or product.

Carbon Management

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