ISO Gap Analysis

Find the Gaps with an ISO Gap Analysis

An ISO Gap Analysis can be an ideal place to start when implementing a new standard in your organisation, as it provides an objective evaluation of your current arrangements against the requirements of the new standard.

This can often save time and money, as the gap analysis will identify the ‘gaps’, allowing you to produce a more accurate project plan for filling those gaps and ultimately achieve certification to ISO, and other standards, in a shorter space of time.

ISO Gap Analysis

Fast Answers – ISO Gap Analysis

Commissioning a Gap Analysis from Assent can also be the fastest way to get answers about the maturity of your management system.

Typically Gap Analysis activity takes place over a few days, and our consultants turn around a gap analysis report quickly.

How far away from the standard is your business?

If you are already operating in the ‘spirit’ of a particular standard, a gap analysis could save time and money before implementation.

We will look at your current policies, procedures and processes to see if they meet the requirements of the standard you are seeking to achieve.

Then we will produce a report of recommendations to help your organisation build and improve on its management system.

How does a gap analysis differ from an ISO Audit?

The main difference is that during a gap analysis we are comparing your business to the standard.

During an audit we would compare your polices and procedures to the requirements of the standard, and then look for evidence that they are being complied within the business.

It’s important to have open and honest discussion with our consultants during the gap analysis process, as our consultants will not seek to verify processes, but rather take on trust the information provided. This allows them to spend more time focusing and guiding you on the weaker areas.

Planning for ISO Success

An ISO Gap Analysis is a valuable tool to help you prepare for certification.  Using the gap analysis report, our consultants can map a path to ISO Success, working on the weak areas.

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