ISO 45003 Consultants

Part of the occupational health & safety family of standards, ISO 45003 is the guidance on the management of psychosocial risk.

With employee wellbeing and mental health rightly becoming a priority of organisations, our ISO 45003 consultants can help you implement this guidance into your existing frameworks and operate programmes within your organisation to improve wellness.

Recognised Structure

ISO 45003 follows the recognised Annex SL structure, meaning it is easily integrated with other management system standards.

Risk Based Approach

As with many ISO Management System Standards, ISO 45003 takes a risk based approach, requiring you to identify and manage psychosocial risks.

Worker Consultation & Participation

Also required by ISO 45001, worker consultation and participation is an important part of this standard and should be utilised.

Rehabilitation and Return to Work

The standard also has provision for managing the rehabilitation and return to work processes which are so often overlooked.

Implement ISO 45003

Our ISO 45003 consultants can help you not only implement the requirements of the standard, but also develop wellbeing programmes across your organisation to support employee wellness and enhance productivity.

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