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ISO Revisions

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23rd February 2017: ISO 45001 Progress.
Second Draft (DIS2) Expected in April 2017.  More.

18th February 2017: ISO/DIS 31000 Published.
The draft revision of the risk management standard has been released. More.

6th February 2017: BS 11000 will become ISO 44001
When it becomes the standard for Collaborative business relationship management systems.  More.

6th February 2017: ISO 45001 Now Expected Mid-2018
It appears the international H&S Standard has been further delayed.

6th February 2017: AS9100 D has been published.

6th October 2016: ISO 16949 (Automotive) PUBLISHED
The standard for Automotive Quality Management has been published by the International Automotive Task Force.

30th September 2016: ISO 45001 Further Delayed to Dec 17
ISO 45001 now not expected until the end of 2017.
More Here.

20th September 2016
AS9100 Rev D Released.
More Here.

16th May 2016: ISO 45001 Delayed?
IOSH report “participating members of the ISO committee ‘disapproved’ its first draft”. We revise our anticipated date to Feb 2017.
More Here.

12th February 2016: ISO/DIS 45001 Draft Available.
ISO have released the draft international standard (DIS) for occupational health & safety management, which may replace OHSAS 18001.
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8th February 2016: ISO/TS 16949 First Draft.
The IATF has approved the first draft of the new automotive quality standard to include additional stakeholder feedback.
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12th October 2015: ISO/TS 16949 Stakeholder Survey.
The IATF has revied 1759 stakeholder responses to the draft. Expiry for 2009 certificates expected to be in-line with ISO 9001:2015 expiry (14 September 2018).
More Here.

23rd September 2015: ISO 9001:2015 officially published.
The internationaly standard for Quality Management Systems has been published. Buy ISO 9001:2015 Here.

15th September 2015: ISO 14001:2015 officially published.
The internationaly standard for Environmental Management Systems has been published. Buy ISO 14001:2015 Here.

9th July 2015: ISO 9001 FDIS (Final Draft) Released!
There is unlikely to be any technical changes between the draft standard and the final which means we can help you start making the transition. Contact Us for more information.

3rd July 2015: ISO 14001 FDIS (Final Draft) Released!
There is unlikely to be any technical changes between the draft standard and the final (expected Sept15) which means we can help you start making the transition. Contact Us for more information or see the resource from BSI.

8th June 2015: Following vote approval, ISO 45001 moves to next stage: Draft International Standard (DIS)


Why Are the Standards Changing?

ISO revise management system standards regularly to ensure they remain relevant and effective in a world of changing technology and business practices.

During the revision process, the national member bodies contribute input and feedback to improve the standard through a series of drafts.


Is OHSAS 18001 Becoming ISO 45001?

OHSAS 18001 is often mistaken for an ISO standard, however it has remained a British Standard for many years.

Now, as ISO develops an international equivalent it is likely OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn, and existing certificates will be able to make the transition.

It needs a name change because “ISO 18001” already exists as: (ISO/IEC TR 18001:2004
Information technology — Radio frequency identification for item management — Application requirements profiles).

More about ISO 45001.

What is Annex SL?

ISO published Annex SL with the objective of “delivering consistent and compatible management system standards in an attempt to make this process easier”.

All future management system standards will have these three key elements, making them easier to integrate:

  • High-level structure.
  • Identical core text.
  • Common terms and core definitions.

Annex SL

What Next?

There is no need to take action now.  When the standards are released we will work with you to update your documents and arrangements to the new requirements.

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The certification bodies will offer a transition period allowing us to plan when to upgrade your certificate.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements.