Exploring Standards Podcast

Explore the world of international standards with Assent Risk Management and a wide range of subject matter experts.


What to Expect from Our Podcast

This podcast supports our mission of Championing International Standards.  

We talk to subject matter experts about how international standards are used within organisations to drive improvement and manage risk.

If you’ve ever taken part in an audit, or worked with a consultant, you will know that they often have many stories to tell.  Our podcast tries to capture the lessons learned from these stories through frank and open conversations.

We will cover well established international standards, as well as newly emerging standards, to give you a comprehensive view of the industry. And while we would love you to listen to every episode, we hope that over the lifetime of the podcast we’ll build a library of useful content that you can refer to for support at any time.


The Exploring Standards Podcast is produced by Clemark.Studio for Assent Risk Management, with special guest contributors.