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In the news, we constantly see examples of events that could have been prevented had the risks been managed appropriately. 

Whether it's an environmental disaster, confidential leak or financial crisis, Assent consultants are working to protect our clients with systems to reduce risk.

Assent Risk Management Team

Assent is a progressive Risk and Resilience Consultancy built for the digital age.

We champion British and International standards that enable global trade, improve organisations and protect societies.

Our expert team delivers impartial consultancy and auditing services across multiple disciplines including: information security, cyber security, environmental sustainability, health & safety, quality management and business improvement.

More than just ‘box ticking’, our team works in collaboration with yours to build bespoke management systems, supported by technology and other products, that return real business benefits.

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 Associate Enterprises Limited t/a Assent

Visit our group website to find out more about our governance and our other services: www.assent1.com


Journey Feedback

The Assent Journey gives us an opportunity to ask for independent feedback that we can use constructively to improve the effectiveness of our work with our clients.

The overall objective of The Assent Journey is to build the value of your relationship with Assent and encourage more engagement.

View the results here: Journey Project.


Certifications and Memberships

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