ISO 39001 Consultants

ISO 39001 Consultants

What is ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management?

ISO 39001 was developed by governments, road authorities, safety groups and companies to address the rising numbers of people killed or injured on the roads.

The standard sets out the minimum requirements for a company’s Road Traffic Safety Management System.

Who is ISO 39001 for?

Organisations that operate a fleet of vehicles on the public highway will particularly benefit from an ISO 39001 Management System, this includes:

– Delivery truck or van fleets.
– Company car fleets and travelling sales staff.
– Public and Private transportation such as buses, coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles.
– Organisations that require travel by car as a key part of their job, such as nurses and couriers.

What is required?

ISO 39001 provides a framework for managing road traffic risks and will address areas such as safe driving speeds, driver alcohol & drug testing and use of safety equipment.

The Benefits of ISO 39001

Organisations operating a Road Traffic Safety Management System to the requirements of ISO 39001 are likely to benefit from reduced risk of accidents and incidents in their fleets, which would mean reduced insurance claims.

By achieving Certification to the standard, organisations can easily demonstrate their commitment to road safety to potential clients and stake holders.

SER: S54, S55, S56