ISO 41001 Consultants

ISO 41001 provides the international framework for a Facilities Management – Management System – with guidance for use, and our expert ISO 41001 Consultants can help you implement the structures and processes into your organisation.

ISO 41001

ISO 41001 Aligns to Other ISO Standards

All modern management system standards follow the Annex SL structure, which provides the same high-level clause structure. 

This means the facilities management standard ISO 41001 can easily be integrated with other common management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001.

Key Themes of ISO 41001

FM Information & Data Requirements

Alongside the normal documented information requirements for ISO Management Systems comes a focus on ‘FM Information and Data’, to ensure that all relevant information for the supply of the FM Service is captured and controlled.

Integration of Services

Facilities Management Covers a wide range of services designed to keep the built asset operational from both a structural and organisational perspective.

The integration of different services and coordination of many interested parties is addressed as a key requirement of the standard.

ISO 41001 Certification

Certification is available from trusted certification bodies and Assent’s ISO 41001 Consultants can guide you through the process.

ISO 41001 Certification can provide a competitive advantage in a crowded market place.

Benefits of ISO 41001

As with many ISO Standards, ISO 41001 can help your organisation take an objective look at its processes, ensuring that you continue to meet best practices and measure the effectiveness of your management system,

With input from our expert ISO 41001 consultants, we can help you achieve ISO Certification and continually improve your system through internal audits and regular forum meetings.

Get Started with ISO 41001

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