Simulated Phishing Attack

DIY Phishing Tool

Use our Cyber Security Awareness platform to build and deploy Phishing Campaigns that test staff awareness.

– Email Templates,
– Engagement Reports
(Open / Click / Submission),
– eLearning Follow Ups.

Managed Phishing Campaigns

Work with our team to deploy Phishing Campaigns to test staff awareness and engagement.

– Bespoke Scenario & Email Templates,
– Engagement Reports
(Open / Click / Submission),
– eLearning Follow Ups.

How resilient is your team to a Phishing Attack?

Our simulated phishing attack test will indicate how susceptible your employees are to phishing emails and how effective your Information Security Training has been.

Choose from either just the Test Phishing Campaign, or the Phishing Campaign + Phishing eLearning; and wither DIY or Fully Managed by our Team.

Our simulated phishing attack will test staff resilience to phishing attacks. If you choose the Phishing Campaign + Phishing eLearning, once the results are in, we can then direct your employees to our online phishing training course in order to raise awareness.
Afterwards, you can retest staff to measure effectiveness of this training and awareness.

How does a simulated phishing attack work?


Email Design

Our team will work with you to design a realistic phishing email for your chosen scenario or ‘hook’, which will then be sent out to your staff at an agreed time.

The email will look like a genuine system-message including a link, where it will request your employees to hand over details (a login page for example).


Simulated Phishing Attack Reporting

Phishing tests usually last for a number of days, after which we will report to you which users have:
Submitted Data.

This can help you target anti-phishing training and awareness activity for your organisation.


Anti-Phishing Training & ReTesting

Assent can provide eLearning and other training materials to help educate staff about what to look out for. Alternatively you may have your own training to deploy before a retest.

Rerunning the Simulated Phishing Attack after awareness training, should show an improvement in the numbers of users responding to phishing emails, and can be used to demonstrate continual improvement for ISO 27001.

Benefits of simulated phishing attacks

Raise awareness of phishing techniques.

Deliver phishing training online
(when purchasing the Phishing Campaign + Phishing eLearning Package)

Meet ISO 27001 requirements
(International Standard for Information Security).

Phishing Simulation Tool

uPhish automates regular phishing assessments alongside your users’ training programme, determining user risk towards common attacks while ensuring training effectiveness.

Find out more about the USecure Platform and how Lorators can support your Training & Awareness Programmes.