Warehouse Risk Management

Warehouses Risk Management

There are increased and unique risks present involved in operating warehouses, which employers should be aware of and manage.

Assent consultants have helped a variety of businesses manage occupational health and safety in warehouses through consultancy and audits of their sites.  We can provide guidance and training on managing risks including:

    • Manual Handling.
    • Manual Handling Equipment (Forklifts).
    • Fire and Evacuation Arrangements.
    • Machinery such as Pallet Wrappers, Waste Compactors and Air Compressors.
    • Electricity and Elecrical Equipment (such as charging stations).
    • Temperature Control.
    • Dust, Extraction and Air Quality.
    • Noise.
    • Racking Management and Integrity.
    • PPE.

Warehouse Risk Assessment

Comprehensive warehouse risk assessments should be completed and regularly reviewed by a competent person and actions to further reduce risk should be considered.  Our experienced consultants can provide advice and assistance.

Training and Awareness

All workers within the warehouse should be aware of health and safety requirements in a format that they can understand.

This can present a challenge in the UK if English is not someone’s first language, however this is not necessarily a barrier to employing someone.

Facilities Management

There are various inspection and maintenance obligations when operating a warehouse including thorough examination of lifting equipment under the LOLER regulations.

Our facilities compliance audit can help you collate and manage the required records.