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The internationally recognised standard for
AI Management Systems, ISO 42001.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising industries and becoming a must have tool for many organisations. 
However, with the increasing complexity and potential risks of relying on AI technologies, it is crucial for businesses to adopt robust governance mechanisms. A new international standard is in development to address this and Assent’s consultants are already working to understand the benefits.  
ISO 42001, an AI management system standard, offers organisations a comprehensive framework to effectively govern and harness the power of AI. 

Be an early adopter! Our ISO 42001 consultants can help you implement the requirements of the standard.

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Understanding ISO 42001

ISO 42001 is a globally recognised standard that provides guidelines for the governance and management of AI technologies. 

The standard offers a systematic approach to addressing the challenges associated with AI implementation, such as ethics, accountability, transparency, and data privacy, in a recognised management system framework.

Key Features of ISO 42001 for Organisations

Enhanced Risk Management

ISO 42001 assists organisations in identifying, assessing and treating risks associated with AI technologies by promoting a proactive risk management approach, ensuring that potential risks are assessed, monitored, and addressed throughout the AI lifecycle.

By integrating risk management practices into their AI governance framework, organisations can safeguard against biases, security breaches, and other potential harms.

Our ISO 42001 Consultants can also help you harness the Risk Management Principles of ISO 31000 to bring a consistent approach to risk management across your organisation and compliance disciplines.

A.I Impact Assessment

In addition to the risk management process, the ISO 42001 standard requires organisations to conduct an impact assessment assessing the potential consequences for individuals, groups and societies that can result from the development, provision or use of AI systems.

Annex A of the standard provides controls that can be used within the A.I Impact assessment to assess impact.

Our ISO 42001 Consultants can help you conduct a compliant A.I Impact Assessment relevant to your scope.

ISO 42001 Annexes

Annex A – Controls

In a similar approach to ISO 27001, Annex A of the ISO 42001 standard contains 38 controls, most of which are required to be documented.

Our ISO 42001 consultants can help you implement and document these controls, as well as producing the required “statement of applicability” document.

Annex B – Implementation Guidance

Annex B of the standard provides implementation guidance for each of the Annex A controls. The annex is listed as Normative, suggesting it’s contents form a mandatory part of the AI Management System.

Annex C –
Objectives and Risk Sources

Annex C is an informative annex which provides potential risks and objectives that can be adopted within the A.I Management system.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 42001

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

AI technologies operate within an evolving global  legal and regulatory landscape. 

ISO 42001 enables organisations to establish procedures that navigate these requirements including legal compliance, data protection, and intellectual property rights. 

Assent can also provide a Bespoke Legal Compliance Audits and offers Legal updates via our Platform.

Improved Decision-Making & Accountability

ISO 42001 emphasises the need for transparency and explainability in AI systems. By implementing the standard’s requirements, organisations can enhance decision-making processes and ensure accountability for AI outcomes.

Ethical AI Implementation

Ethics form a critical aspect of AI deployment. ISO 42001 helps organisations embed ethical considerations into their AI management system and provides guidance to ensure fairness, non-discrimination, and respect for human rights while developing and deploying AI technologies.

How our ISO 42001 Consultants Can Help

ISO 42001 consultants play a crucial role in guiding businesses through the implementation process by interpreting the requirements, keeping up-to-date on emerging best practices and legislation, and providing objective Internal Audits

ISO 42001 Gap Analysis

Our ISO 42001 can conduct a gap analysis or your current arrangements against the standard to identify areas of improvement in your system.

ISO 42001 Implementation Project

Following a Gap Analysis, our consultants car draft required documentation, advise on changes to policies and processes, and even integrate with other ISO Management System Standards.

Preparing for ISO 42001 Certification 

As a “requirements” standard, it is anticipated that ISO certification bodies will soon offer certification ISO 42001, allowing organisations to demonstrate their commitment to the principles of the standard and undertake an impartial external assessment of compliance.

Our ISO 42001 consultants can help you choose a certification body and prepare for the audit.

Ready to Implement ISO 42001?

In the age of AI, organisations need a structured approach to govern and manage AI technologies. ISO 42001 offers a comprehensive framework to address the challenges associated with AI implementation while promoting ethics, transparency, and risk management. 

By partnering with our ISO 42001 consultants, you can streamline the journey towards ISO 42001 certification, ensuring a successful integration of AI technologies.