ISO 55001 Consultants

Our ISO 55001 Consultants help organisations who are responsible for some or all of an Asset’s life cycle, to effectively manage that asset.

The standard looks to maximise the value that can be derived from an Asset, while minimising cost-of-ownership.

Key Themes of ISO 55001

What is an ‘Asset’?

Traditionally the idea of Asset Management, related to physical items such as a building or a facility, however, with the transition of this standard from PAS to ISO the term has become broader and now can be applied to Equipment, Information, Intellectual Property etc.

Asset Management Plans

More specific Asset Management Plans will be created, documented and implemented in order to achieve the strategic objectives identified.  This includes input from external parties where relevant.

Risk Management

The standard, like other Annex SL standards, implements a risk approach and requires considerations of risks and opportunities.

Strategic Asset Management Plan

The standard requires a strategic asset management plan to be created, and this should align with the organisation’s overall strategic direction.

Management of Change

In the operation as an Asset Management System (AMS) the management of change is a key feature, and requires control.


The ISO 55001 standard also explicitly references the management of outsourced activities that contribute to the asset management process.

Annex SL Based

ISO 55001 is based on the Annex SL structure so can be easily integrated with other management system standards or BIM Processes.

ISO 55001 Certification

Some certification bodies do provide ISO 55001 and this can demonstrate a commitment to effective asset management to interested parties.

We can advise you during the certification process.

ISO 55001 Consultants – How We Can Help

Implementing ISO 55001 can take time and resources, but our Consultants can help in many ways including identifying Assets within the scope of your system, performing an ISO 55001 Gap Analysis or running a full ISO 55001 Implementation Project.