Information Security at Assent

How we take care of your information.

Committed to Security of Your Data

Information Security and Cyber Security are key services provided by Assent, and as such it begins at us.  

We believe we’ve struck a balance: accessing the benefits of modern technology and work methods, while managing the associated risks to a reasonable level.

Trust in Our People

Our team has a passion for security, and key roles associated with the access/processing of data are segregated to provide accountability and oversight of activities.

Regular training and awareness is provided across teams and individual consultants to maintain a culture of security excellence.

Secure Transfers & Communication

The nature of our consultancy work does not involve Confidential Data or Sensitive PII, and our report review process takes this into consideration, ensuring that the information recorded within our reports is appropriate and reduced to the minimum necessary.

However, the reputation of our clients and ourselves is important to us, so clients may opt-in to using a pre-shared password to secure documents as they are sent between us.

We will also conform to clients’ preferred transfer systems or policies as required.

Device Security

For flexibility and resilience we only use laptops at Assent, which have hard drive encryption and strong passwords.

Endpoint malware protection is deployed across our company devices and is centrally monitored by our Service Desk.

Systems & Services

The number of systems we use is limited, however we distribute key functionality across different providers to increase resilience.

We enforce Multi-Factor Authentication where it is available.

Workspaces & Offices

Flexible working and collaboration are at our core and as such we utilise co-working spaces in line with our mobile working security policies.

These spaces use either access fobs or cards, have CCTV and attended receptions.  

However we are conscious of other tenants in the communal areas and enforce strict Co-Working Security Policies.

Resilience & Continuity

Our IT infrastructure is built to be resilient, meaning any of our people can work anywhere in the world with the same ease.

However, our business continuity management programme involves testing and exercising for those unexpected events.

Personal Data & GDPR

Even though the services we provide involve minimal personal data,  Data Protection matters to us! Read our Privacy Statement here: