ISO Implementation

Implementing ISO management systems and achieving ISO Certification is a significant undertaking, and our consultants understand that every organisation is different.

Assent has a tried and tested ISO Implementation approach, based on our experience of helping all types and sizes of organisations achieve ISO Certification.

Our 5 Step process will guide you every step of the way.

ISO Implementation

5 Steps to ISO Implementation with Assent


Determining the Scope & Selecting a Team

The first step in any ISO Implementation is to determine the scope of the management system, which should include:
– Organisational Activities to be included.
Number of staff involved in each activity.
– Number of Locations.
– Number of Standards being Implemented.

We’ll help you decide on an appropriate scope, and liaise with ISO Certification Bodies where necessary to ensure a smooth certification process later in the project.

This can be done through emails, telephone calls or video conferencing depending on the complexity of the scope.

Team Selection
Once we have a better idea of the implementation scope, we’ll select the right people for your implementation  project.
We base the selection on our consultants’ knowledge, industry experience and location.

Proposal & Contract
With the scope agreed we can document a full implementation project proposal which will include deliverables and related costs.  We work on a day rate basis, with payments often split equally over a number of months.


Starting Work

Once a contract is signed, our office team will send you a Welcome Pack, with key information about your ISO Implementation Project.  
We’ll also invite you to our project management tool, where you will see all the tasks required to complete your ISO Implementation.  
If you use Office 365 or GSuite we can collaborate through your existing accounts.  Find out more.

Management Support
It’s important to have the support of the Leadership team when implementing a management system, as this will often set the pace of the project.

While top management may not directly implement the standard in the business, they should set the strategy, appoint and empower the right people in the business, and commit the resources as may be necessary for the success of the project.

Kick-Off Meeting
The first meeting will cover introductions with the team and confirm the scope of your management system.
We’ll also take you through the project plan and spend time getting to know your organisation better.


Day-by-Day Tasks

Broken Down into Simple Tasks
For each ISO Standard or Integrated Management System, we break down the requirements into simple tasks which can easily be delivered and signed-off.  Our consultants will work through these tasks with you providing bespoke advice and guidance for your organisation.

Each of these tasks is assigned to a planned project day to be delivered.
While we try to keep to plan, we understand sometimes things need to be moved around, so using our project management tool we can easily reschedule tasks and stay on track.
Read more about how we Understand New ISO Standards and plan their implementation.

Supporting Content
To speed up the process we produce supporting content for each stage of the implementation including:
– A Management System Manual,
– Example & Template Documents,
– Training & eLearning Packages,
– Awareness Materials for Staff,
– And more.

Project & Collaboration Tools
We utilise cloud-based tools to collaborate with your team and keep things on track.  You’ll receive an invite via email as part of the on-boarding process, and you can invite other members of your team to help deliver a particular part of the project.

Office Support
Although not directly involved in implementation, our office team have an excellent understanding of ISO Standards and the implementation process; and with access to the project management and collaboration tools they are well placed to help answer any admin queries outside of consultancy sessions.

You can also raise a ticket in our service desk for answers to specific issues, details within your Welcome Pack.


External Audit

Having our consultants attend your external certification audits is option but most clients opt for this during implementation.

We work with many UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies and can help manage the audit process and resolve any findings that might arise.

Find out more about the ISO Certification Process.


Evaluate the Outcome

Management SupportAchieving Certification
Successfully achieving ISO Certification is often the end goal for organisations and it is where the implementation process ends.  However, this is just the beginning of operating your management system, and the activities need to be maintained in order to remain effective.

Data Analytics
As part of the ISO Audit process we capture data about your management system including non-conformances, which we can analyse to identify weak areas of the system.

Advertising Your Certification
Once you have achieved ISO Certification you will not only have a Certificate to display and include within tender responses, but you’ll also have a certification mark that can be used on your documents and website.

Our creative team at Assent can help you Promote Your ISO Certification for maximum benefit.

Supporting your Management System

Achieving certification is only the start and we have bespoke support solutions to help you maintain your management system for the long term.  Contact us to discuss the options.

Gap, App & Wrap

Over the many years we’ve been implementing management systems, we’ve discovered what works best. Which is why we developed a unique Gap,App& Wrap approach to streamline your ISO Implementation!

Gap App and Wrap, efficient ISO Certification