National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS)

To work on the UK Road Network your company may be required to comply with one of over 20 National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS) which are based on ISO 9001.

Our quality consultants can help your organisation achieve NHSS Certification under relevant schemes, opening up opportunities to provide services to Highways England under the Specification for Highways Works (SHW).

Which National Highway Sector Scheme is for me?

A full list of schemes can be found on the NHSS Website, and as you will see, each one is focused on the specific scope of activities being undertaken – and all are linked to the international quality management system standard ISO 9001.

You can apply to one or more schemes depending on the extent of the services you wish to provide.

Sector Scheme Documents (SSDs)

The sector scheme documents (SSDs) are publicly available but require a working knowledge of ISO 9001 to effectively utilise them.  

Using a quality consultant from Assent can help you to interpret the requirements and speed up the implementation process.

Do I Need ISO 9001 before NHSS?

NHSS is certified as an addition to ISO 9001, so you will need to meet both requirements. This can be easily done as a new implementation project.

However, if you are already certified to ISO 9001, you can add NHSS to the scope of your certification – providing your existing Certification Body is also accredited for NHSS.

Our Office Team can help you with NHSS Certification arrangements. Contact Us.

NHSS Certification Bodies

There are a selected number of certification bodies accredited by UKAS to operate the NHSS scheme. 

You can find a list of them on the UKAS website.

Assent Risk Management is happy to work with any UKAS Accredited Body you choose.

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