ISO Training and Workshops

Although our primary role is often to take a ‘hands on’ approach in helping a business address its risk management strategy; through our training partner Able Academy we can also offer some training sessions that cover particular aspects of ISO certification.

Some of the training sessions that can be covered are listed below.

ISO Training

General Training Sessions

Information Security Risk Training

We have training solutions that cover Information Security and Data Protection training solutions including ISO 27001 and the Data Protection Act.

Environmental Risk Training

Protecting the environment is good for business and our Environmental training solutions include ISO 14001 Awareness and Internal Auditor courses.

Quality Management Training

Managing product and service quality is important for all businesses and our training solutions include ISO 9001 Awareness, Internal Auditor and other quality methodologies.

Health & Safety Training

We have training solutions to cover a variety of health and safety risks including manual handling, work at heights, general awareness and more.

Wellbeing Workshops & Training

Staff are the most important asset to an organisation and there are may ways you can take care of them. Our wellbeing workshops address stress management, work life balance and more.

Bespoke Training

We can also tailor training sessions to meet specific requirements of the business or a standard. Contact us for more information.


See also Knowledge Transfer: our consultants can work with your key people to not only provide training, but also give some knowledge transfer from their experience of similar projects.

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