Data Protection Consultants

Data Protection Consultants

The Data Protection Act 1998 applies to “personal data” held and processed by organisations in the United Kingdom.

Personal Identifiable Information or PII is a valuable commodity to criminals, and the consequences of a data breach to an individual can be devastating.

In addition, non-compliance with the Data Protection Act attracts fines of up to £500,000; unknowingly committing criminal offences; claims against the organisations for unlimited compensation.

Could your business survive any of these penalties?
What should you consider when thinking about this impact?

Remember – the size of the business is irrelevant – all organisations collect “personal data” as defined in the Act. – It is not enough to say – “I am only a sole trader with a small business”!

Data Protection Audits

If you are confused about your data protection obligations, a Data Protection Audit is a good place to start.

Our Data Protection Consultants can help you identify the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) you store or process in your business (and all businesses have PII), and advise you on how to approach obligations in the act including a Privacy Policy, managing Data Subject Access Requests and handling a Data Breach.

Exchanging business cards at a networking event is transferring data under the terms of the Act! It doesn’t just apply to electronically processed data any more either.

Our experienced Data Protection Act Consultants can guide you through the processes and help you amend any existing policies/disclaimers to ensure every aspect of your business is compliant.”

Data Protection Training

If you are responsible for data protection within your organisation, we have training sessions that can help you meet your obligations.

Prepare for GDPR

In 2016 the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were ratified and all EU member states must adopt the new regulations by May 2018.

Despite Brexit, the ICO has advised that the UK intends to adopt the provisions of GDPR, and even if minor changes are made to the legislation, it is likely UK businesses will still need to trade with EU member states under the GDPR terms.

Implement GDPR Best Practice Now

Our GDPR Consultants can help you implement Data Protection Best Practices in preparation for the GDPR, starting with a Data Protection Audit.

We can also provide a follow up consultancy session after the GDPR is enacted to UK law to ensure your business is compliant.

Contact us for support with your GDPR Journey.

Freedom of Information Act Consultants

“THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 is the sole piece of legislation responsible for the exposure of MP’s expenses! This is powerful legislation at work!

So what? Well, wouldn’t you like to turn this law to your advantage and use it to build your business? Government are saying they want to spend their way out of recession so Public Authorities (schools; councils at all levels; NHS trusts for example) have money to spend. Why not find out what they do about your particular industry now? When does the contract fall due for renewal? You can find out using this law! They can only charge you for the response if it costs them more than £450 to provide the information.

We can help you to use this law appropriately and effectively – contact us to arrange the no obligation consultation.”