Lexcel Consultants

Our Lexcel Consultants can help all legal practices and departments achieve accreditation.

This standard looks to distinguish services, sustain regulatory compliance and improve profitability.

Who is Eligible?

Lexcel is compatible with any practice, regardless of the size or type of work undertaken. This includes sole practitioners and local authority legal departments.

Legal practices and in-house legal departments in any jurisdiction in the world can apply for accreditation, from private practices in England and Wales to international markets, NGOs.

Key Themes of Lexcel

Customer Service

When a new client is taken on, business terms and cost estimates will be communicated.

An extensive complaints management protocol will be in place, as well as an analysis system to identify the reasons and stages leading to a complaint.

Information Security

Data protection compliance policies and procedures will be in place.

All policies, procedures, and strategy documents will be stored in a central location and a named individual will be responsible for managing and updating the information.

Financial Management

A protocol will be in place to track the business’s performance against its financial targets.

Risk Management

The standard, like other Annex SL standards, implements a risk approach and requires considerations of risks and opportunities.

Lexcel Certification

Certain certification bodies provide Lexcel certification and this can demonstrate confidence of the holders’ high standards and commitment to excellence, to interested parties.

We can advise you during the certification process.

Benefits of Lexcel

Lexcel can help your practice or in-house legal department to:

  • Increase profitability and efficiency,
  • Comply with new practice rules and regulatory requirements,
  • Attract new business and increase client retention,
  • Increase client satisfaction,
  • Manage risk effectively,
  • Access lower insurance premiums and receive favourable treatment from insurers.

By achieving Lexcel you are ensuring that the whole of your practice is covered including those departments delivering legal aid services.

Get Started with Lexcel

Implementing Lexcel can take time and resources, but our Lexcel Consultants can help.

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