ISO Auditing

 ISO Audit Programmes

Our ISO auditing services offer you independent verification and assurance that can reduce risk and improve efficiency in your organisation.

When designing an audit programme, we first take time to define the scope of the audit activity, including the processes standards and other legal or contractual requirements that need to be met.

ISO Audit Approaches

There are several approaches to auditing including sampling records, observing a process in action and technical tests.

Our ISO Auditors

We select an audit team based on the skills, industry experience and location of individual auditors.

However, all our auditors are committed to the principles defined in ISO 19011, which are:

Integrity – Ethical Conduct.
Fair Presentation – report truthfully and accurately.
Due Professional Care – application of diligence and judgement.
Confidentiality – security of knowledge acquired.
Independence – objectivity of audit results.
Evidence-Based Approach – rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible conclusions.

Working Together

Most importantly, we view audits as an opportunity to work together with you to identify weakness and improvements in your organisation.  Our auditors are not there to judge or ‘create problems’ and are keen to discuss all audit findings with you during the audit.

Types of Audit

Internal Audits

Supplier Audits