ISO Auditing

Our ISO Auditing services offer you an impartial evaluation of your ISO Management System, identifying weakness and driving improvement.  

Internal audits are required as part of most management system standards, but our auditors can also support your supplier due diligence and other internal or external verification activities.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Internal Audits

Many organisations find it more cost effective and efficient to outsource their internal audit activity to an ISO Consultant like Assent.

Our auditors bring a wealth of experience to support your management system, taking a pragmatic approach that’s bespoke to your organisation.  It also avoids the conflict-of-interest that comes with auditing your own work.

There are many benefits to engaging with Assent:

  • Meet requirements of management system standards.
  • Impartial audit of your management system.
  • Managed audit programme and schedule.
  • Clear Reporting.
  • Non-Conformance trend analysis.


Scoping Internal Audits

Our team will work with you to define the scope of an effective audit programme to meet your requirements.  This usually encompasses the whole management system and all activities of the organisation, however we can also limit the scope of our audits to provide a part of your internal audit programme.

We can work as part of your Audit Team providing expertise that you don’t have in-house, or covering a location where you don’t have an auditor.

Managed Audit Programmes to ISO 19011

We conduct our internal audits to ISO 19011, the standard for auditing management systems, so you can be assured that our work is thorough and to industry standards.  

With the benefit of our office team to manage the programme and our experienced auditors, you are in good hands.

Are your Internal Audits Conducted to ISO 19011 Guidelines?


Audit Reporting

We’ll provide a clear report detailing the audit activity and any findings, positive or negative.

Our auditors will discuss everything with you throughout the audit, so there should be no surprises in the report, and you can use the documented report during supplier or certification audits.

We also conduct a robust Report Review Process against a set of criteria including Coherence, Clarity and Confidentiality.


Non-Conformity Management

Any weaknesses our auditors find in your management system will be raised within the report as a non-conformance, which you can address through your non-conformance process.

There are several levels of internal audit findings depending on the severity and impact of the issue.

There will be enough information within the report for your team to understand the problem and find an effective corrective action, however Assent can also provide a consultant to advise on any of these.  

Spot Trends with Audit Data Analysis

Assent provides  added-value to your Internal Audits through our analysis of your non-conformance data, so you can identify and address trends.

We present data within the “Audit Analysis’ section of the report to show:

  • Clauses where Non-Conformances occur most often,
  • Locations which have the most non-conformance,
  • A Breakdown of Non-Conformance by Severity,
  • A Breakdown of Non-Conformance by Standard, (if multiple standards or an Integrated System).
ISO Internal Audit Data Analytics

Audit Principles

Integrity – Ethical conduct.

Fair Presentation – Report truthfully and accurately.

Due Professional Care – Application of diligence and judgement.

Confidentiality – Security of knowledge acquired.

Independence – Objectivity of audit results.

Evidence-Based Approach –Rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible conclusions.

Risk-Based Approach – Considering risks and opportunities during the audit.

ISO 19011:2018

Internal Audit Process

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