There are many legal, regulatory and contractual requirements placed on organisations, it can be difficult to manage the compliance regime.

Our legal compliance evaluation audits aim to reduce the burden, by helping your organisation identify applicable requirements and then audit the organisation’s compliance, looking for evidence and control.

Key Themes of Legal Compliance Audits

Health and Safety

Employers have a duty of care to anyone who may be harmed by the operating of their organisation, including staff, customers and the public.

Health & Safety legislation can be daunting but our health and safety consultants can guide you through the process of meeting the requirements.

Facilities Compliance Audits

Often linked with health and safety, facilities requirements might include maintenance of supporting utilities and fire equipment, testing of lifting equipment or general maintenance of a building.

We can help you identify the legal duties and discuss the best practices in facilities management.

See also: Facilities Compliance

Storing, handling or processing personally identifiable information will bring your organisation into the scope of the data protection act and other information security legislation.

In fact, even the employment data of your staff will need to comply with the DPA.  Our consultants can help.

ISO 37001

Employment law is growing in complexity and we have specialists who can help you navigate the legal landscape.

Depending on what operational activities you conduct, environmental legislation will affect you to different degrees.

However, it is likely that as a minimum you will need to manage waste streams appropriately and ensure the duty of care requirements are met in respect of transfer of your waste to a contractor.

We can help you with all aspects of Environmental law.

Operating vehicles under an organisation comes with additional legislative burdens.

If you operate a fleet of vehicles, we can help you meet vehicle and driver requirements.

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Identifying Legislation & Keeping Up-To-Date

Our risk briefing team aggregates information from various UK sources to bring concise news on legislative and guidance updates.

This helps us to maintain a legal register file that our clients can use to update their documentation on a regular basis.

Meet Management System Requirements

Legal Compliance is a feature of several standards including:

A legal compliance evaluation audit can test your arrangements and help meet certification requirements.

How we can help.
We will work to understand the legislation applicable to your organisation and provide suitably skilled consultants to audit your arrangements.

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Assent Risk Management has made 294 UK Legal Register entries available to search on the platform.

Stay Up-to-Date with Legal Changes that may affect your organisation.