ISO Consultants

We see ISO consultancy as a partnership between consultant and client, with the mutual objective of improving your organisation.

ISO Consultant Relationship

Assent has an experienced team of consultants and support staff who can work with you in many different ways.

We’ll start by scoping your requirements to decide the best consultancy approach for your organisation. Here’s some examples:


If your organisation intends to implement a new ISO management system or start a large package of work you may benefit from a consultancy project.

Our consultants and project managers will work with you to determine the scope of the project.

We’ll then set things up in our online project management tool which is great for collaboration between your team and ours during the project; discussing tasks, sharing files, setting deadlines and regular check-ins.

Work is usually delivered through a mixture of on-site sessions and off-site preparation, depending on the project plan.

For new ISO Management Systems the scoping exercise is easy, our office can ask you a few simple questions to provide you with an estimate of time and costs. Contact Us to find out more!

Short Term Resource

Sometimes you might just need some short term additional resource or advice. Our consultants can step in to your organisation and deliver a defined package of work to support your existing activities.

Specialist Knowledge

A key reason our client work with us is to expand their capabilities and knowledge. Our consultancy team work in a style that’s conducive to knowledge transfer with your team, helping you understand why and how things are done.

Your Consultancy Team

When selecting the right consultancy team we consider many aspects including:

  • Knowledge & Experience of the Discipline,
  • Knowledge & Experience of your industry,
  • Geographical Location,
  • Best fit for your organisational Culture.

Choosing the Right Consultants

What Makes a Good Client-Consultant Relationship?

Using an ISO Consultant

Implementing ISO for the Information Age


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