Robert Clements

Founder and Director

Rob is a strong team leader and problem solver. He has a can-do attitude which has enabled Assent to be an ever evolving company that takes on all challenges and adapts to be the best in the business. Rob has a hands-on approach and oversees all projects, from ideation to evaluation. 

Rob has 20 years of experience, starting his company in IT and web design before moving into management consultancy. He champions international standards, believing that in this global economy, standards are key to facilitating a cohesive global work environment. Rob is a Lead Auditor for ISO 27001 and is a BCS Professional Member (MBCS). Rob is a forward thinker, who pushes boundaries to change the consultancy industry and thrives off the growth of Assent. 

Rob Founded Assent in 2002, the small start-up is the true meaning of a family business with a ‘work to live, not live to work’ ethos, that flows down from management to all levels of staffing. Starting their venture in the creative industry of IT and web design, as the industry began to change with the introduction of ‘build your own website services’, Rob evolved Assent to keep up with the developments moving into compliance and ISO. 

Rob is proud of his team, trusting them to take on any project and excel. His eagerness to progress and take on projects has made the company resilient and has enabled the company to have a start up culture. 

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