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Impero’s learner wellbeing and device management solutions provide the tools that schools need for digital learning to thrive.

Primarily operating in the EdTech sector, the company has offices in the UK and USA.

Impero’s products include back:drop a digital safeguarding system and EdLink a mobile device management (MDM) solution for schools.

Building a platform for schools inevitably means that childrens data could be stored or processed, and therefore the security of that data is paramount to the company.  

ISO 27001 provided a framework for managing that risk.

An Integrated ISMS

Assent began working with Impero after their stage 1 audit. The company had acquired ‘Safeguarding Monitor’ in 2018 and was in the process of integrating their information security management system to achieve certification as a new, larger company.

Impero had a variety of policies and procedures already in place which needed to be reviewed and aligned to the ISO 27001 standard.


ISO 27001 Remote Gap Analysis & Consultancy

We started with a remote gap analysis exercise which identified six main areas which required further work.

Impero then commissioned a project with Assent to target those six areas in preparation for the stage 2 certification audit.  

The project was executed remotely using Microsoft Teams for conferencing and screen sharing with key stakeholders from Assent & Impero.

The ISO Management System was built on Sharepoint making collaboration, document control and communication easy. 


Achieving ISO 27001 Remotely

After a short project with Assent, which included Internal Audits and a Management Review, Impero were ready for the stage 2 audit

Their Assent consultant was available to support Impero’s team during the six-day UKAS Accredited Certification audit, which completed successfully with NO non-conformances.


Dan Bruckshaw from Impero Said:

The whole process from start to finish was exactly how you would want it to be. From the pre-audit preparation to the audit itself, it was stress-free, and very well managed by both Rob and Jazmin who between them ensure you are fully supported throughout.


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