Understanding ISO 9001 – Customer Focus – 1 Minute Reads

Part 2 – Core principle number 1 – Customer Focus

Customer focus is a very important part of a Quality Management System (QMS), as it is at the heart of providing a high quality service. Customer satisfaction results in repeat business and a good reputation. 

It is important to get to know your customers individually, finding out what they expect from your organisation.  

You can find out;

  • What exactly do they want from your organisation? This can ensure you stay focused on customer requirements.
  • Why do they want what you provide? Often knowing the intended end result helps to identify the best way to provide it.
  • What is the time frame from the customer’s point of view? Can you meet this?
  • What do you know about the customer’s line of work? That might help you identify the best way of meeting their needs.
  • If you are providing a service, how should this be scheduled?

Another really important procedure to gauge customer satisfaction is to make a feedback request. This could be through a form emailed to the customer asking them to rate the various aspects of service provided, e.g. understanding what the customer wanted, being able to provide it to their expectations etc.

It could be done through a website link and an emailed invitation requesting feedback. It could be a telephone conversation with somebody from the company, asking a series of open questions, or even leaving the customer to answer in whatever way they wish to. 

Feedback should be kept and discussed as a way of ensuring continual improvement.


If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the standard and how it can fit into your organisation, check out the free ISO 9001 Awareness course provided by our colleagues over at Lorators. 

Or if you think you’re ready to find out more about implementing a Quality Management System to the requirements of ISO 9001, our experienced consultants are ready to help.


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