Understanding ISO 9001 – Leadership – 1 Minute Reads

Part 3 – Leadership

Strong Leadership is critical in the effective running of a Quality Management System (QMS). An individual or small team can be appointed as responsible for the QMS. Their main task would be to ensure the QMS becomes part of the daily running of the organisation. This would require all members of the organisation to;

  • Understand why a QMS is important to the business,
  • Know how the QMS affects them personally,
  • Know what they need to do to play their part in setting up and maintaining the QMS,
  • Know what others around them do to contribute to the QMS,
  • Be aware of those leading the QMS,
  • Be informed of any specific roles within the QMS that affect them and know who is responsible for them.

As a leader you will need to have a clear plan of how you will implement the QMS, including; 

  • The steps you will take, in what order and what time frame,
  • The roles and responsibilities you will allocate to others in the organisation.

It may be beneficial to set up regular meetings with groups in the organisation to discuss the QMS. This will ensure their engagement with it.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the standard and how it can fit into your organisation, check out the free ISO 9001 Awareness Course provided by our colleagues over at Lorators. 

Or if you think you’re ready to find out more about implementing a Quality Management System to the requirements of ISO 9001, our experienced consultants are ready to help. 


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