Kathy Clements

Head of Learning & Development  

Kathy brings over 10 years of experience in customer services, development and auditing to her role at Assent. Her attention to detail and methodical approach is key to her success in the industry, specialising in working with small business and aiming to make the ISO Certification process less daunting.

Kathy holds a BA Hons in Performing Arts (including business, media, teaching and English Literature) from London Metropolitan University and is also a NLP Practitioner, an IRCA Qualified Lead Auditor ISO 9001 and Lead Auditor ISO 14001. When Kathy entered the Risk Management Consultancy and Auditing industry more than 10 years ago, she discovered a distinct lack of female representation in similar roles and roles of authority. Kathy has never been afraid to take on challenges, particularly those that could be more daunting for young women, and hopes that her approach has given others the confidence to carve their own path. She has been featured in Majenta Solutions Ltd’s International Women’s Day blog, celebrating women who are specialists in their industry. 

Starting in an admin role alongside her studies, Kathy officially entered the company full time 10 years ago as a consultant and lead auditor in ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and quickly progressed to qualifying in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems soon after. In 2017, Kathy was part of the inception of Firestones, Assent’s training brand, which was relaunched as Lorators in 2018. As Head of Lorators, Kathy oversees the design, build, and supply of training modules and workshops for ISOs, workplace management, wellbeing, and personal development.

Kathy has never met an animal she hasn’t fallen in love with, and has a rescue jack russell who likes to cause chaos and a tortoise who likes to flip herself the wrong way up (and then has to be rescued!). In her spare time, Kathy is involved in the spiritual and Pagan communities, and enjoys crafting, acquiring fandom collectibles, taking part in dancing and non-competitive exercise, and exploring nature.  

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