Hellenic Systems Ltd Achieve ISO 9001

Formed in 1988, Hellenic Systems Ltd are a UK based manufacturer of computer systems providing their leading edge solutions to the food and manufacturing industry. Hellenic Systems Ltd currently serves in excess of 130 food companies in the UK and Europe.

In July 2022 Hellenic Systems Ltd approached Assent Risk Management to help their team establish a Quality Management System to ISO 9001.

Project Objectives

Hellenic Systems Ltd take pride in the high-quality products they provide to their clients. The project objectives were two-fold: 

Firstly, by having a certified ISO9001 compliant Quality Management System, all stages of the operational and production processes can be effectively monitored, assessed, and improvements identified. This can also be evidenced via the documented processes required by the standard.

Secondly, calibration must be conducted on certain equipment and elements of the production process in order to assure accuracy and a high level of quality. This calibration had been conducted by a third party for many years due to a client’s requirement for an ISO 9001 certification. The organisation identified a need and readiness to achieve ISO 9001 Certification.

Certification Success

Hellenic Systems Ltd successfully achieved certification to ISO 9001;2015 in December 2022, with positive comments from the auditor regarding the comprehensive nature of the organisations’ QMS, and no findings or non-conformances.

Consultant Comment

“I very much enjoyed working with everyone at Hellenic Systems Ltd. The organisation is family run, and has a comfortable, friendly, and proficient team. Their knowledge and dedication to providing the best service to their clients made this project a very smooth and successful process, and I’m delighted that they received their ISO certification with ease.”

Kathy Clements

Client Comment

“Kathy and Jazmin from Assent dealt with all aspects of the ISO accreditation process for us with professionalism, efficiency and detail. The process was very straight forward and had very little impact on our day-to-day operations. We were very pleased that we passed the audit first time, thank you Assent.”

Terry Carter

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