VISTAMATIC is a designer and manufacturer of privacy glass. Their products are used globally in many sectors including; healthcare, education, high security environments, commercial, and any application where privacy and observation controls are needed.

First developed in the early 1970’s VISTAMATIC® has been providing glazed secure vision panels to architects around the world for over 40 years. The VISTAMATIC® name is derived from two words “Vista” the Italian word for view and “Matic” an abbreviation of the word “Automatic” meaning instinctive, impulsive etc.

Vistamatic Ltd had maintained an ISO 9001 system for many years, and were ready to overhaul and update their management system when they contacted Assent. Lead consultant Kathy worked with Samantha to review their existing documentation and bring it up to speed with the organisation’s requirements. The project began in April 2019, and the organisation achieved certification with BSI in December 2019. 

Vistamatic continued their work with Kathy conducting internal audits in 2020 via online video conferencing software due to the pandemic. As the organisation provides essential services, Vistmatic experienced little negative impact during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Assent look forward to working with them as they continue to thrive. 


Samantha Nash at Vistamatic Ltd Said:


Getting certified for  ISO: 9001 2015 was our main goal for 2019 and we couldn’t have achieved this without the help of Kathy at Assent who was reliable and responsive to any questions or assistance we needed.  When Kathy was unavailable, Jazmin has been extremely helpful in responding to our queries.

We were thrilled to pass our external audits with flying colours and this is all due to their help.


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Hayden Clark
Hayden Clark
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