Day in the Life of an ISO Consultant: Project Management

At Assent Risk Management one of our main activities is undertaking projects for clients to help them achieve ISO Certification, manage risk or improve some other area of their business.

Projects can easily suffer from scope-drift or other delays if not managed, so part of our job as consultants is to keep things on track.


Planning the Project

All projects start with a plan. Initially at the proposal stage we set out the deliverables that the client wants to achieve.

For most ISO Standards this can be easily done once we understand the scope of your organisation, such as the number of staff, number of locations and your operational activities.

We spend lots of time breaking down ISO Standards into the manageable (and understandable) tasks, which we can use to plan ISO implementation projects. We keep these tasks under constant review to improve and streamline our processes.


Support of our Central Admin Team

We’re lucky at Assent to have a fantastic central admin team who are responsible for tasks such as booking appointments, IT Support and invoicing.

Although not everyone in the central admin team is an ISO Consultant, everyone has a good level of awareness about what an ISO project involves, and can answer queries that clients might have outside of the Consultant visits.


Collaborative Tools

We use a variety of collaboration tools depending on the client’s technology stack.

Primarily we use Basecamp as a cloud based project management tool, loading all the tasks we have identified for the project in to checklists which can be discussed and worked on remotely.

We provide clients access to their Basecamp project, as well as the consultant and central admin team. This keeps everyone on the same page, and makes it much easier to manage each visit.

Although there a proprietary of software tools in the market which are intended to help you manage your ISO Management System, we believe integrating with the tools you already use is the most effective way to embed a standard in your organisation.

Therefore we work with GSuite, Office 365 and other software platforms as the basis of managing your system.  Read more about ISO Software.


Weekly Project Updates

Our Consultants review projects each time they attend the client’s site to complete work.

In addition to this, a competent person from our office reviews project activity on a weekly basis, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the project and identifying any potential project risks.


Managing Project Changes

Things don’t always go to plan and managing changes is part of our project activity.  Our consultants are pretty flexible and can usually rearrange tasks if required.

However, changes to the scope of a project require more consideration, as the resources and time allocation may need to be increased in order to achieve a larger goal.

Again, our central admin team work with the consultant and the client to determine what’s needed.


Project Success!

We still get a thrill at the end of each project when the client’s goals have been achieved, particularly where it results in ISO Certification which can open up many new doors for the organisation.

Our marketing team are on hand to help the client promote their achievements through case studies and website content.  When you’ve done all the work, make sure you shout about it!


Work With Assent on your Next Project!

We’d love to work with you on a project.  Contact our team to start a discussion!


Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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