How Much Does ISO 9001 Cost?

In our blog “How Much does ISO Certification Cost?” we discussed some of the factors that influence the cost of achieving ISO Certification, but with the very specific requirements of the standard for Quality Management, how much does ISO 9001 Certification Cost?

Calculating Audit Time 

In 2015, UKAS adopted the revised ISO 9001 standard, which had two important changes.

Firstly, the 2015 revision of the standard adopted the “risk-based approach”, meaning that rather than having a number of documents simply to describe things, you assess the risks associated with each element and document them accordingly.

Secondly, the 2015 revision of the standard adopted the Annex SL structure, bringing it in line with standards such as ISO 27001 and making it easier to combine multiple standards together.

This means that if you have more than one management system or current certification, you may be able to combine, and as such reduce, the number of audit days required.

The number of audit days directly affects the cost of your ISO 9001 certification.

Complexity of your QMS

ISO 9001 is a risk-based standard comprised of 10 clauses. Whilst some of these are practically identical to other standards within the Annex SL structure, some are very specific to the requirements of Quality Management.

The complexity of your Quality Management System (QMS) will have an effect on the number of audit days your certification will require.

For example, if you have excluded a number of controls, or limited the scope of certification to a smaller area of your business, the certification days may be affected.

Our blog “What are the requirements of ISO 9001?” goes into more details.

Other Certification Costs

While the number of audit days is the biggest variable when calculating costs, there can be other fees to consider, depending on the certification body you work with.

Many apply a management or certificate fee on an annual basis, or charge travel in addition to their day rate.

Others can split costs across the three year certification cycle, making it difficult to see the total cost.

Choosing the right Certification Body

There are many UKAS Accredited certification bodies in the marketplace, but their day rates can vary.

It’s important to consider the added value service you are getting, before immediately selecting the cheapest quote. Consider the other costs, such as travel fees, mentioned above.

However, it is a competitive market place, so clients are advised to seek comparative costs before making a selection.

For further information

Assent Risk Management operate impartially and do not favour any particular Certification Body. We can help you obtain comparative quotes from certification bodies and explain the differences between them.

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