How Much Does ISO Certification Cost?

Thinking about the cost of ISO Certification can often put people off. It sounds expensive, but there are many factors that influence the price of the overall project. This blog covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right scope to using a Consultant to Streamline the Process.

Choosing the right scope

Before implementing an ISO standard it is important to consider scope.  While this should always be done for the benefit of the business’s intended outcomes, companies may be mindful that the scope directly impacts the cost of Certification.

For example, additional branches and locations will require additional audit days through the Certification Programme, so the benefits of including branch offices should be carefully considered.

We have a Prosper Small Business Scheme for companies with one location and 5 or less staff. You can read more about the scheme.

ISO as an investment in your company’s Growth,

While there are costs associated with implementing ISO, for example Consultancy Cost, Internal Resource Cost and Certification Costs; the outlay on ISO should be considered an investment in the company’s growth.  ISO Certification brings many benefits including a sustainable governance framework and market perception of your brand that you can build on. ISO Certification can also open doors during the tender process.

Integrated Management Systems – for those who wish to achieve multiple ISOs.

Believe it or not, it is cheaper to implement standards together as Integrated Management Systems for those who wish to achieve Certification to multiple ISO’s! Implementing multiple standards together saves time and doubling up on the same work – reduced documentation, integrated audit programmes and management reviews also shared policies and procedures.

Integrated standards means that your internal audits can be combined when you have ongoing support, meaning less days and therefore less money! External bodies can also certify integrated management systems at a lower cost.

Gap Analysis – for those who have already implemented most of the standard

You may already feel as though you’ve got most of your desired ISO standard in place – if this is the case, a gap analysis is ideal for you as it will save the cost of full implementation! This is only a few days to see what you’ve got in place and to identify any gaps within your system.

Using a Consultant to Streamline the Process

It’s important not to forget the cost of taking your internal resources out of business-as-usual to work on ISO implementation.  An ISO Consultant can streamline the implementation process by bringing experience and examples of good practice that make ISO work for you.  

ISO Consultants are also experienced at managing the certification process, and a consultancy such as Assent has an excellent back-office who can coordinate the certification programme to ensure there are no unnecessary delays or bumps on the road.

Our Gap, App and Wrap service is one example of how Assent is making ISO Implementation a lean process, which is cost effective for customers.

For further information

If you have questions on cost, contact our friendly office team, who’ll be more than happy to help. We can also put a bespoke proposal together for you which will give you the exact cost of ISO Certification for your organisation – for free.

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Lauren Tobin
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