Peter Clements

Peter Clements

The Buncefield Fire 2005


The Buncefield Fire 2005 A case of a failed limit switch and audible warning of danger. The Incident On 11th December 2005, near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, a major fire brokeout at an oil storage facility. The organisation had a…

The Kegworth Air Crash 1989


The Incident On 8th January 1989 a Boeing 737-400 aircraft left Heathrow airport for Belfast with 8 crew members and 118 passengers on board.  About 20 miles from the East Midlands Airport the engine began vibrating and there was a…

Flixborough Chemical Works Explosion 1974

Flixborough Chemical Works Explosion

The Incident Flixborough chemical works  had been managed safely for many years, with no notable accidents, until temporary repairs and modifications to maintain production were carried out after a six foot crack developed in one of the six inline reactors. …

The Hatfield Rail Crash 2000

Hatfield Rail Crash

The Incident On 17th October 2000 a Great North Eastern Railway InterCity 225 train going from London to Leeds derailed at Hatfield station killing 4 people in the restaurant coach and injuring 70, three seriously. Reports concluded that communication was…