6 Advantages Small Businesses Receive When Implementing a Quality Management System: ISO 9001

Are you a small business thinking about ISO Certification? The International Standard for Quality Management, ISO 9001 brings many advantages to Small Businesses including better profit margins, an increase in customer satisfaction and more!


  1. Improve Efficiency

Implementing a Quality Management System will mean that all staff will be aware and understand your organisation processes, therefore work efficiency will increase.


  1. Increase Profit and Customer Satisfaction

Profit: Perhaps one of the most important things for any business. ISO 9001 improves efficiency and increases the quality of your products and services, this increases the amount to prospects and customers as well as keeping current customers happy.


  1. Under-pin Your Marketing Message.

The ISO 9001 Certified Kitemark is a fantastic addition to any of your communication and marketing materials. It is instantly recognisable, with your certificate number included in the logo, it allows potential customers to see a number of things with just a glance: proof that you take the quality of your business seriously, that your dedication to quality has been independently verified and that you are a trustworthy organisation to work with.


  1. Improve International Trade.

Crossing borders can be difficult enough, with the potential for language barriers, unexpected costs, and direct competition from local organisations. Having the ISO Certified stamp of approval can open more doors and bypass lengthy application processes, giving your business more opportunities. In addition, policies, procedures and documents that may be requested by international trade bodies and potential customers, may already be in your arsenal and up to a satisfactory standard for quick application.


  1. Access Public Tenders & Become “On-level” with Big Competitors.

It can be challenging as a small business with big competitors.  ISO 9001 indicates commitment to quality improvement, something that many potential clients appreciate. Many organisations put out a tender for works they would like to be done. This is when a company advertises that they would like to offer a contract to another company, and often they will specify the requirements with regards to ISO certifications or certain experience. Having ISO certifications makes it more likely that your organisation will qualify for tenders, and means your organisation will be considered more seriously for the contract.


  1. Improve Employee Wellbeing!

Employee Wellbeing is about staff members being able to work in an environment that is comfortable and relatively stress free. Including the physical factors and the relationships between employees. This can be included in several ways in the Quality Objectives that are required by ISO 9001, for example; regular inspection of items such as chairs, to ensure they are still adequate, formal and informal discussions with employees regarding relationships with colleagues and general job satisfaction. Read more here.


Our ISO 9001 Small Business Scheme

If you’re looking to implement ISO 9001 Certification and you have under 6 staff and only 1 location you may be eligible for our Small Business Scheme. This includes all of the same services you’d usually get to achieve Certification but re-created specifically to deliver benefits to small businesses at a reasonable cost.

We understand that for businesses new to ISO, it can be daunting knowing which standard to start with. See our post here, advising how to get started on your ISO journey!


For Further Help

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You can also find some of our ISO 9001 Case Studies here.

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Kaidee Clark
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