ISO in Tendering

 Having an ISO Certification can be beneficial in many areas of your organisation, and long term. That’s why so many companies put the work in to achieve them. But it may not immediately clear that it could win you business in more ways than you’d think.

Of course having a management system in place improves your organisation, and can make certain aspects of work easier. But it also shows a certain commitment to improvement that many potential clients appreciate. But it’s not just potential clients who look for evidence of good business commitment.

Many organisations put out a tender for works they would like to be done. This is when a company advertises that they would like to offer a contract to another company, and often they will specify the requirements with regards to ISO certifications or certain experience. Having ISO certifications makes it more likely that your organisation will qualify for tenders, and means your organisation will be considered more seriously for the contract. It also means you can make a better advertisement for your company, based on it’s improved credentials, and so attract more work.

For instance, if the contract on offer is to do with environmental solutions then it makes sense that only an organisation with an ISO14001 certificate would be considered. It’s also worth getting your management system underway as soon as you can, as experience is priceless in business. So, if you’re planning for your business to grow and start taking on bigger projects it’s sensible to put in the building blocks as soon as you can.

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