Using Office 365 to build your ISO Management System

There are a lot of ways to keep track of your ISO implementation – but did you know you already have one of the most effective solutions right at your fingertips?

Advantages of using Office 365 to manage your ISO System

  • Everyone already knows how to use it, so no training is required.
  • Ease of access for both you and ISO consultants.
  • A simple, universal, and effective method.
  • Provides analytics, task management, and collaboration in one neat package.


Task Management using Planner

Planner is an often overlooked application which can be used to assign responsibility and deadlines for tasks.

File Storage using OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive provides a secure cloud-based repository to store your ISO files and folders.

Collaboration using Teams

The Teams app can be used to configure different channels of communication so your ISO team to collaborate together. There are many third-party app integrations available and you can invite guest users, such as your ISO Consultants Assent, to join your team.

Conferencing using Skype for Business

Long established as the go-to video conferencing tool, Skype for Business continues to be an effective way for teams to meet, share screens and work remotely. It’s integration with Microsoft Teams, above, is also extremely useful.

Awareness using Sharepoint

Distributing information about your ISO Management system and raising awareness of policies, procedures, objectives and so on can be difficult. Sharepoint has provided the basis for many corporate Intranets, and a Sharepoint site for your ISO Management System can help raise awareness.

Analytics using PowerBI

Monitoring & Measurement of Management System Performance can be difficult, and in larger organisations it can be difficult to present the right level of information to the right people. PowerBI offers a powerful Dashboarding tool that can be used to track various metrics, and present it with different levels of detail to different stakeholders.

Assent has an in-house tech team who can work alongside our ISO Consultants and your internal team to provide full I.T support for development and maintaining of your ISO Management System with Microsoft Office 365.

Contact Us to digitalise your ISO management system and use Office 365 to its full potential!

Ellis Fraser-Knight
Ellis Fraser-Knight
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