TISAX – It’s not just for Motor Manufacturers

TISAX or the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange was developed by ENX Association and has been adopted by many major automotive manufacturers including Volkswagen.

So it’s becoming a common requirement in the automotive supply chain, but it’s not only those supplying directly that need to comply with TISAX to work with the auto makers.

We’re seeing clients in industries such as advertising and technology are also being asked to comply with TISAX in order to maintain their relationships.



Active participants are assessed by an ENX approved body and make their Assessment results are available to other participants via the TISAX Exchange.  There are several approved bodies in the UK including recognised Certification Bodies for ISO.

Passive participants can access assessment results via the TISAX Exchange.


Relation to ISO 27001

While this scheme has been developed specifically for InfoSec risks in the automotive sector, there are crossovers with ISO 27001 the international standard for information security, so organisations should also consider this standard for a comprehensive risk management framework.


Get Started with TISAX

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Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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