The GP Service

The GP Service is committed to providing exceptional service levels in the community healthcare sector with a platform that seamlessly brings together patients, doctors and pharmacies. All their Doctors are based in the UK and registered with the General Medical Council. All pharmacies affiliated with their service are also UK based and registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

The GP Service provides an Online Doctor service to help diagnose and treat common conditions using their on-line consultation platform. Their aim is to provide a safe, discreet and easy journey for patients who are looking for private medical treatment at their convenience and at a cost that people can afford. Their system allows patients to consult with qualified Doctors with a consultation via online assessment questionnaires or through secure video chat.

The GP Service approached us in summer 2020 for ISO 27001 implementation, we supported them throughout the process, and Certification was achieved in February 2021.

Hayden Clark
Hayden Clark
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