Risk Assist Service Desk Goes Live!

Risk Management firm Assent have announced the public launch of Risk Assist, a service desk that provides support to companies on a variety of issues including information security, health & safety, the environment and quality management.

Assent Director Robert Clements explains it is a new approach to delivering risk management services:

“We have a well established consultancy business across a number of risk areas, however we felt that we could do more to support those organizations after our consultants have left their premises.”

Innovation in Risk Management

“Risk Assist provides fast, remote access to our team and demonstrates our commitment to innovating how risk management services are delivered. ”

The Risk Assist service is subject to an on-boarding process, where basic information about the organization can be captured, to help the Assent team answer questions more effectively.
And while it is not intended to replace on-site audits and face-to-face consultation, we believe this new way of delivering services has a place.

“Our existing support customers have already been taking advantage of the system raising tickets to ask for advice on policy issues and tender questions, among other things.”

Low Monthly Payment

The Risk Assist service is available for a low monthly payment, subject to a fair use policy on the service desk’s time. There is no minimum term to commit to and your monthly agreement can be scaled up or down as your business utilizes the service.

Contact our office on 020 3432 2854 or Contact Us for a quote.

4-Hour Response Target

You will get fast answers to your queries with a 4-hour response time target. Our central admin office provides full back-office support, and our consultants have access to the risk assist platform wherever they are.

Raising Tickets

Raising tickets is easy; just send an email to risk assist email address and wait for a confirmation message to ensure it has been entered in to the system.

Find out more about Risk Assist.


Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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