Prosper; Small Business Scheme – Making ISO Certification Available to Every Business.

As a small business, it can often seem like an endless battle to get your business onto the next level. There are lots of things you’d love to do to make your business more competitive, more attractive to potential customers and more profitable but these things are often expensive, time consuming, or just seem to be unobtainable. Gaining ISO Certification is often one of those things.

We know that as a small business, your time is valuable, your budget is tight and your desire to improve is strong. We know that sometimes it seems that there isn’t an option for you, that all the good stuff is available to only the bigger businesses. We also know that whatever you set your mind to, you give it all you’ve got and more besides.

How do we know this?

Because we’ve been there and because it’s what small businesses are telling us. Gaining an ISO Certification gives your business an edge; improved processes, proven credibility and the confidence to show potential customers that you are what they need. You might have already looked into ISO Certification and chosen the one you want to go for – then seen the price tag and time commitment. However at Assent, we believe ISO Certification should be a tool in the armoury of every business, regardless of size.

That’s why we’ve developed Prosper; Small Business Scheme. With Prosper you get the same ISO Certificate and assistance, but with reduced costs and time constraints. Don’t worry, we don’t abandon you with a mountain of paperwork and we don’t pressure you into more than you need.


Our Consultants will tie up less of your valuable time in person and instead will work with you remotely. We’ll still guide you through the jargon, the requirements of the standard and help you build your management system and documentation, but we’ll do it through email and phone discussion and with a few short meetings in person to “check-in”.


As with our full consultancy, we’ll provide you with some examples and templates to guide you and get you going. Documentation can often seem a daunting task, but we’ll help you tailor it to your business and make sure it’s comfortable for you without the bulk.


Running a business can be challenging financially. That’s why we’ve set our prices at an affordable rate and tailor the payment plan to your needs. We’ll also advise you on any grants that may be available to help you fund the project.

You’ve been waiting for the day you can invest in an ISO Certification; why not make it today? Talk to us about the ways we can help you boost your business onto the next level.


Prosper Small Business Scheme
The Small Business Scheme for ISO Certification



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Kathy Clements
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