Over 5,000 Nonconformance Records now Available via the Open Data Dashboard

Assent’s Open Data Project has reached a new milestone with over 5,000 records now available to search & analyse on the Public Nonconformity log via Consultancyunion.

The anonymous data has been provided by ISO Consultancy firms including Assent Risk Management and AvISO Consultancy as part of a commitment to driving improvement of the industry.

Find AvISO’s blog here for further information and data on ISO 27001:2013!

What Does the Data Tell Us?

There are many ways to filter and analyse the data but here are three key insights, compared year-on-year. 

NC Severity, All Standards


The distribution of nonconformances across the three severity levels remains fairly consistent, however there is a noticeable increase in major nonconformities being raised in 2021, when compared to 2020.  

This could be due to the effects of the pandemic catching up on management systems or certification bodies beginning to be less ‘forgiving’ of the challenges faced by clients.

ISO 9001 Top Clauses


This chart looks at ISO 9001 ONLY.  

There is an increase in nonconformities raised against clause 4, context of the organisation, which may suggest that documentation is not being updated to reflect new internal/external issues such as working from home or new import/export procedures arising from Brexit.   

ISO 9001 Top Subjects


This chart looks at ISO 9001 ONLY.  

Since the move to remote auditing, we have been conscious of an increase in documentation related non-conformities being raised, caused partly by the ability for auditors to obtain a digital copy of documentation and spend more time reviewing it.  This remains consistent from 2020 to 2021.

‘Products & Services’ attract similar levels of non-conformities year-to-year.  

However there has been a shift towards NCs raised against Risk & Opportunities, Suppliers and interested parties in 2021.

About the Open Data Project

The Open Data Project was launched by Assent in 2020 with the aim of sharing information for the good of the consultancy industry.

In addition to the Nonconformance dashboard, the project has also released a UK Legal Register (with monthly updates) and over 100 Document Templates via it’s Resilify.io platform.

Datasets are released under the Open Database License 1.0, while Creative Assets are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This permits the use of the data, charts, reports etc providing the Assent Open Data Project is credited as the source. There are also other stipulations, including a commitment to keeping the data open.
If you would like to use or improve our data we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch!

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Robert Clements
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