Life as an Apprentice at Assent Q&A with Jazmin Taylor

Assent Risk Management has a proud tradition of supporting apprenticeships and internships, so for National Apprenticeship Week we interviewed Jazmin Taylor who joined as an apprentice in 2014 and has been with us ever since.

How did you apply to be an apprentice with Assent:

I applied for my apprenticeship in 2014 through a local college programme, I had already held a few smaller jobs but was looking to get into a good career path and gain more knowledge in the business sector. 

Would you recommend apprenticeships:

Yes, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship. Its a great way to learn new skills and get into industries you may not have been able to straight from school. 

A day in the life as an apprentice compared to now:

Being an apprentice can be scary, you are learning a new job and keeping up with college work but it prepares you for the every day work you will be doing in the future. Since being an apprentice I have gained so many new skills I didn’t think I would be able to handle back as an apprentice and I have progressed within the company taking on new roles as I’ve grown. 

Do you think the apprenticeship gave you the skills you now use on a daily basis:

For me personally it has, a lot of the work I completed and the things I learnt as an apprentice have now developed and helped me gain the skills I use daily. 

Hayden Clark
Hayden Clark
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