BIM Consultants

Building Information Modelling is the process of capturing, modelling and analysing all the data generated throughout the lifetime of a built asset – from construction to management.

Therefore, it involves everyone in the supply chain to have a good understanding of BIM, and apply compatible working practices.

BIM Consultants

ISO 19650 Consultants

ISO 19650 is the international standard for information management within the BIM process.  It derives from the British Standards PAS 1192-2, and is in two parts.  Find out more about ISO 19650.

BIM Consultants – How We Can Help

Our BIM consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about BIM, having been involved in this area of construction for many years.

ISO 9001 + BIM

Integrate BIM Processes with your ISO 9001 Quality Management System, an effective solution for the supply chain.  Read more about ISO 9001 + BIM.

Benefits of BIM

  • Future of Construction Information.
  • Collaborative Process.
  • UK Government Mandate from April 2016.
  • Must work to Level 2 BIM.
  • Access more tenders.

The Government BIM Mandate

As part of the UK Government’s construction strategy there is a requirement for firms to operate to Level 2 BIM.

To meet this obligation, main contractors will be requiring those in the supply chain to also operate to Level 2 BIM, and in some cases sub-contractors will need to prove compliance.

“Government will require fully collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) as a minimum by 2016.  This refers to all centrally procured Government projects as outlined in the GCS including new build and retained estate, vertical and linear.”