ISO 30414 Consultants

Our ISO 30414 Consultants can help you implement the guidelines, collect data and report on findings to drive improvements.

ISO 30414 provides guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting (HCR) and is designed to be applicable to all sizes and types of organisation including public, private and third sector.

Core Human Capital Reporting Areas

  • compliance and ethics;
  • costs;
  • diversity;
  • leadership;
  • organizational culture;
  • organizational health, safety and well-being;
  • productivity;
  • recruitment, mobility and turnover;
  • skills and capabilities;
  • succession planning;
  • workforce availability.

Reporting to ISO 30414

Using the guidelines within the standard, including those around data collection and reporting structure, our ISO 30414 consultants can help you take a structured approach to HCR and produce valuable insights to your metrics.

We can also support the development of programmes to improve your metrics at each reporting cycle.

ISO 30414 for Small Businesses

ISO 30414 also sets out some recommendations for small businesses who may lack the objective or capacity to use the comprehensive set of metrics constrained in the standard, (See Table 2 of Annex A).

Therefore no-matter what sized organisation you represent, Assent’s ISO 30414 Consultants can help you implement the standard effectively and reap the benefits.

ISO 30414 Certification

While certification is available in the market, it is not widely available, and as the standard provides ‘guidance’ rather than ‘requirements’ it may be difficult to determine compliance.

However the benefits of measuring the core human capital metrics far outweigh the need for certification as it can help to manage risks within the organisation and drive continual improvements to both the well-being of the organisation and its people.

Get Started with ISO 30414

Contact our team to discuss how we can help you follow ISO 30414 guidelines, putting the structures in place to accurately report on human capital metrics.

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