ISO 30415 Consultants

ISO 30415 is a Human Resource Management Standard, focusing on Diversity and Inclusion. It is a guidance standard that requires a continual commitment to diversity and inclusion in order to assist organisations in developing an inclusive workplace (D&I). It presents fundamental prerequisites for D&I, addressing inequalities in organisational systems, policies, processes and practices.

At its core, ISO 30415 recognises that people are a company’s most valuable asset. It emphasises the need for businesses to create a supportive and engaging work environment that nurtures talent and fosters employee growth.ISO 30415 covers a wide range of areas, including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, and employee well-being.

Key Themes of ISO 30415

Recognising Diversity

Respecting the inherent worth of all persons and knowing that personal qualities can be legally protected

Governing Effectively

Adopting policies, procedures, and practises for inclusive organisational governance

Acting Accountably

Organisations must not only comply with legal requirements, but also uphold ethical principles and values.

Working Inclusively

Fostering and facilitating a working atmosphere that promotes and preserves diversity and inclusion, and in which every employee feels accepted

Communicating Inclusively

Taking into consideration the various requirements of persons who access, comprehend, and react to communications

Advocating and Championing D&I

D&I principles are being followed by actively influencing and supporting inclusive organisational practises

Our ISO 30415 Services

  • Gap analysis: Our ISO 30415 consultants can conduct a gap analysis to assess an organisation’s current human resource management practices and identify areas where improvements can be made to meet ISO 30415 requirements.
  • Policy and procedure development: We can help organisations develop policies and procedures that align with ISO 30415 standards. This can include developing recruitment policies, performance management procedures, and employee development plans.
  • Implementation support: Our consultants can provide support and guidance throughout the implementation process, including helping organisations establish objectives, develop an action plan, and monitor progress.
  • Audit support: We can provide support during the audit process, including conducting internal audits and preparing organisations for external audits. They can also provide guidance on how to address any nonconformities identified during the audit.

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