Internal Audit Report Review Process


Assent Risk Management is committed to providing internal audits to the highest standard and level of impartiality.

To achieve this aspiration we undertake a detailed Report Review Process for every audit report we issue to a client.

Impartial Review

Every report is reviewed by a member of our office team, who has not been involved in the audit itself.  

Their review is recorded on the audit report and they check against the following criteria:


Review Criteria

Auditor Impartiality
Confirm the auditor’s ability to conduct an impartial audit.  Identify and manage potential conflicts of interest.

Looking for typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ensure there is enough information within the report for the client to understand the subject.

Non-Conformance Clarity
Ensure there is enough detail within the non-conformities for the client to understand the findings.

Ensure the audit has been completed based on objective evidence.

Data Capture
Identify any issues that could compromise the audit objectives being achieved, for example a delayed audit date.

Where there is enough data available, we will analyse your non-conformance history and feed back any identified trends within the report.

Although there is minimal requirement for our auditors to capture confidential or sensitive personal data, our review process will sanitise any information which is not necessary for the report, removing or redacting it. Read more about our internal controls here.

Protecting the Document
Lastly, we will protect the document as per the client’s requirements, for example applying a password.



Not every ISO consultant will perform this independent review step, however we believe it is an important part of our service to you as a client.  

If you have any feedback on our report review process, please contact us!

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Robert Clements
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