Engineering Forensics Achieves ISO 9001 Certification with Assent’s Support

Engineering Forensics provides expert advice to insurers, solicitors and loss adjusters by investigating a wide-range of incidents and objectively reporting on their findings so that appropriate and informed decisions can be made.

They specialise in –

  • Mechanical failure investigation
  • Escapes of water and oil
  • Fires & Explosions
  • Collision Investigation


Engineering Forensics approached Assent Risk Management to help them achieve ISO 9001 during a period of Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions in the UK.

Although they are based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex close to several of Assent’s Quality consultants, it was mutually agreed to utilise Microsoft Teams during the project to minimise the risks to all parties.

In addition to MS Teams, Engineering Forensics were also given access to Assent’s cloud-based project management system where they could monitor progress towards their ISO 9001 implementation, see any outstanding tasks and track dates.

Assent’s consultant, Simon, guided Engineering Forensics through the whole process, helping them produce required documentation and build a quality management system (QMS) around their business processes.

In total from Start-to-ISO 9001 Certification, the project was completed in 8 Months and was ahead of schedule.


Although the project ran relatively smoothly, Engineering Forensics were pleased to have the support of Assent’s office when engaging with the ISO Certification Body and organising audit dates that suited all parties involved. 

Benefits of ISO 9001

The implementation of a quality management system has helped Engineering Forensics formalise and measure their processes.

They have improved report response times and are on track to attain Insurance Panel Status, driving growth of the business. 

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Hayden Clark
Hayden Clark
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