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With a large charity client base, information and cyber security is important to cdl Group.


ISO 27001

Assent began working with cdl Group in 2013 when the company wanted to expand its existing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC Certifications to include ISO 27001.

After an initial ISO 27001 Gap Analysis, Assent supported cdl Group to implement an information security management system, later achieving UKAS Accredited certification.

We continue to support cdl Group through regular forum meetings and with a programme of Internal Audits.


Simulated Phishing Attacks

In 2018, for the first time at cdl Group, we planned and executed a simulated phishing attack to test the teams resilience to Phishing email.

The scenario tested a fake password reset email, and measured the Opens, Clicks & Data Submissions where they occurred.

While cdl Group have mitigating technical controls to filter spam emails, this campaign tested staff awareness of phishing techniques, and formed part of the company’s ISO 27001 Objectives, Training and Awareness Activity.

Rob Hood, IT and ISO Manager at cdl Group Said….

I have worked with Assent for many years now and their growing capabilities will be invaluable to me. The test was planned and executed meticulously giving me a key insight into my colleague’s awareness of a security threat.



Assent is committed to supporting organisations with every aspect of information and cyber security.  Contact us to discuss how we can support you.




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Lauren Tobin
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