ISO 9001 Plus BIM Processes

A BIM Bolt-On for ISO 9001

Building Information Modelling is changing the way construction projects are handled in the UK and across the world, from the management of information to how parties collaborate with each other.

While the large main contractors have resources to understand and develop effective BIM processes for their business, smaller sub-contractors in the supply chain may struggle.

With the UK Government Mandate to adopt BIM, main contractors are enforcing elements of PAS 91 (the standard for construction related procurement including PQQs) and ISO 19650 (Specification for Information Management […]) into the supply chain via Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Contracts.

Using ISO 9001 as a basis could be a practical solution for the construction supply chain.

ISO 9001 + BIM

While BIM requirements can be implemented separately, there is growing interest in adding BIM processes to an ISO 9001 quality management system for it to be included as part of a QMS Certification Programme.

This does not provide a specific BIM Certification, such as those developed for ISO 19650, but it does enable you to build responses for PAS 91 questions within a familiar Management System structure.

Our Consultants are experienced in the construction sector and help many clients implement Integrated Management Systems and BIM processes together.

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